They call it home-field advantage for a reason.

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They call it home-field advantage for a reason.

par zhangzk » Lun 07 Oct 2019 à 4h06

But an AFC team with a clear home-field disadvantage has become Clelin Ferrell Jersey , coincidentally or not, the conference’s premier road team.The 9-3 Chargers have won five of six road games this year, victorious in all venues except the L.A. Coliseum. Which makes the Chargers 4-3 in the L.A. Metropolitan Area — and 5-0 elsewhere.Wins have come in places like Pittsburgh in prime time and Seattle, tough locales for any road team. And that bodes well for the Chargers, who seem to be locked in as the No. 5 seed, when the playoffs roll around and they could be returning to Pittsburgh, and then hitting the road for places like New England, Kansa ilding. If the Chargers can pull it off, they’ll need to be taken even more seriously as a team that can go on the road in the playoffs and win, possibly/probably because they never actually play a true home game.Among the other top AFC contenders, the Steelers are 4-1-1 on the road, the Chiefs have a 5-2 road record, the Texans are 4-2 away from home, and the Patriots are 3-3. New England has a 6-0 record at home Chiefs are 5-0, the Texans are 5-1, and the Steelers are 3-3. Of all of the positions in sports, there is none more important than the quarterback in football. If you have a good one, it doesn’t really matter what the rest of your team looks like, as a franchise quarterback can lead your team to the a mixed bag, and there’s always going to be a debate as to who the best quarterback to ever play the game was. The discussion that doesn’t get brought up too much, however, is the worst quarterback of all-time. That’s what we want to focus on today as we take a look at the 15 worst quarterbacks in NFL history. Some of them never had a chance, while others were undone by their own lack of talent. Here is our list.
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