The NFL’s brand has taken a catastrophic hit in recent years

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The NFL’s brand has taken a catastrophic hit in recent years

par zhangzk » Mar 27 Août 2019 à 4h42

Traumatic brain injuries have surfaced in former players , leading to symptoms related to depression and memory loss. The pain caused by repeated blows to the skull has even prompted some to commit suicide.While the concussion debate is alive and well at every level of football, aside from one player on this list, these athletes died away from the gridiron, in some instances being foolish behind the wheel and in others, victims of dreadful acts of violence. Some argue that a life filled with bone-crushing collisions on the field, ultimately led to their departure off of it. Regardless of the fashion, these players left us too soon, without having the opportunity to write the final chapter of their NFL careers.The media spotlight on the deaths of NFL players is magnified in North America going into a season is 53, as compared to baseball with 25, hockey with just over 20 and basketball with just 13. Going through a whole season without a player on a team going through some hardships is hard. It's sad to say in today's NFL, but sometimes even going through a season without a death in the league is tough to come by.Here is a look at 10 NFL players who died during their careers. DALLAS (AP) — The NFL draft is heading to Las Vegas for 2020.It almost certainly will arrive before the Raiders do.“We believe the draft will be the kickoff to our inaugural season,” said Raiders owner Mark Davis, who is moving the team from Oakland.The league announced Wednesday at an owners meeting that the city where the Raiders will begin play in September 2020 will host the draft that April.“Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world the Titans and Raiders, and we are still hopeful we may ultimately share that honor in the future.”April 23-25 will be the dates for the Las Vegas draft.“The events in the draft are going to take place on and around the Las Vegas Strip,” said Peter O’Reilly, the league’s senior vice president of events. “We’ll take advantage of some of the large spaces around the Strip as well as some of the iconic locations that will provide an incredible backdrop for the draft. We’re certainly highlighting the Raiders’ new stadium that will be just months away from occupying starting the 2020 season.”
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